Thursday, 4 July 2013

4th July 2013 Bridle Path Bash

A ride out with Mick today, showing him the bridle paths that run from Kenilworth to Hatton. We met at Kenilworth Castle and from there, headed into the wind. Negotiated the sheep fields without incident,  and turned round at Brownley Green Lane. Mick mentioned that his wife was attending a health clinic at Turkey Farm at Hatton, and by coincidence, we went through there at the same time as his wife! Spooky. We declined an offer of a cup of tea and pressed on.

The Hay Field

The farmers are all beavering away at the moment hay making. A really good time to do it as the grass is at its best and the weather forecast is really good for the next week at least. This partially completed field is at Goodrest Farm Kenilworth. There is evidence all over the area of grass crops being harvested, either for hay, or to make sileage.

The Almanack

From Goodrest we made our way into Kenilworth town via Rouncil Lane and headed for the Almanack, a very nice eatery at the top end of town. One big appeal that the place has, is that before 1100, free toast and preserve is on offer with a hot drink. It was my turn to pay so Mick was inside doing the honours on the very slow toaster. With the sun shining, it was very pleasant sitting outside planning our next excursion.

A good ride today, more so for Mick as he was on new territory. I covered about 14 miles in all. Certainly my lucky day, I arrived home, leant my bike against a wall whilst I unlocked the shed, and the front tyre went very rapidly down. It looks like a patch I put on the other day had come adrift for some reason. Note to self; buy a lottery ticket today.

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