Wednesday, 3 July 2013

3rd July 2013 Warwick wobble

Got time for a quick spin around Warwick, especially as a couple of interesting photo opportunities came to mind.

Santa Claus

What on earth is he doing outside a shop in July? Spotted this the other day in Jury Street Warwick and just had to include it. Just one thing, I never thought to go in the shop and ask. That will be a job for tomorrow. This needs investigating!
This is outside Trios Teas, a gift shop and tea rooms in the centre of Warwick. There is a Christmas Shop in the cellar of the tea rooms, hence Santa's job is to advertise it. A quirky place, worth a visit.

Totem Pole? 

This is in St Nicholas Park by the river. It is some sort of bird carved out of a tree, with leaves and caterpillars carved onto the main trunk. There is no explanation on the thing what it is all about so will have to leave it there. Unless you know the significance of the thing.

12 miles today, mooching around Warwick. Still staying mainly on the flat and Operation Tickover seems to be working, as the knees have stopped singing.

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