Tuesday, 2 July 2013

2nd July 2013 Wroxall workout

A good workout today. A grey, blustery day but felt pretty good, and roared around the lanes to Wroxall and back.  The average speed was 13.2mph over the 11.7 miles which is pretty good  for me. I blame watching the Tour de France every night for this leap in performance.

Rouncil Lane resurfaced

Only one picture opportunity today, this fairly unremarkable photo of a section of Rouncil Lane Kenilworth. This is just north of Banner Hill Farm, the abattoir.  Until yesterday this was a horrible stretch of road. The road surface was breaking up and there were horrible ridges for almost half a mile. It really was not pleasant cycling along here. Somebody in their wisdom, has decided enough is enough and the nasty section has been completely resurfaced. It is a pleasure to ride down now.  A county councillor who uses this road must have taken up cycling as a hobby.  What we really need now, is the rest of the lane doing.

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