Tuesday, 16 July 2013

15th July 2013 Motor Mayhem

Two wheels and an engine for the next couple of days. It's motorbike time, and with an an old buddy John, we are off on a road trip to Wales. Aberyswyth to be precise.  This has been planned for a couple of years now and finally got round to it.
We left yesterday morning and the day started bad. My bike had a flat battery. Used jump leads to get it going and burnt my thumb in the process. Exactly in the spot that operates the indicators. Magic. I thought starting the journey would charge the battery up. Wrong. For some reason the battery remains flat and we ended up taking jump leads with us so I can start it.
The ride to west Wales was excellent. Good roads and long sweeping bends with fine views and the highlight was the scenery going through the √Član Valley. Made Aberyswyth by 3 and checked into our hotel. Will have to sort the bike out tomorrow. According to the Internet the nearest bike repair shop is Shrewsbury 52 miles away! This could be fun.
An evening with fish and chips on the sea front, a couple of pints and our first day was over.
Oh yes, I left the camera battery at home charging. Will try and get some pics off the iPhone.

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