Sunday, 14 July 2013

14th July 2013 Leamington Loop

Went out a bit later in the day to take advantage of the day cooling down.  Used the road bike and did the usual Warwick, Leamington, Newbold Comyn loop.

Warwick School

This route takes me along the Myton Road passed Warwick School, a well established private establishment. Going past it, I spotted what at first glance appeared to be a totem pole. The school was closed, but as it was latish on a Sunday afternoon, I thought it was worth a mooch round. Last time I was here was about 1956 when I was first reserve for my school's Rugby team and we were playing Warwick School. I never did get to play, I had to be a linesman instead. The place has changed in the last 57 years I might add.
Back to the totem pole. It wasn't one. It was a carved wooden figure of a robed king holding a book. No plaque nearby to explain what it was.
There was a very impressive sports pavilion in the background with another statue nearby.

Altiora Peto

'I seek higher things' is the translation from the latin. This was at the base of this impressive stainless steel statue. Not sure if this is the school motto or just relevant to the sports side of the school.  It is a very dynamic piece of work which does justice to the sentiment of the latin motto.

The Bears revisited

I was last here in October of last year and the car park was quite busy when I took a photo of these bears.. Nobody about today and there was more opportunity to see what it was all about. Surprisingly, it is called 'The Bears' and was unveiled in 2004. What was not obvious last time, was what the two cubs are looking at. It is a beetle, made from brass. How cute!

13 miles today. Although it was still hot, cycling in the slight breeze felt pleasantly cool. That was until it came to stop!

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