Friday, 7 June 2013

7th June 2013 Stratford Spin

Took the bike for a ride today! Weather forecast was excellent so ferried the mountain bike over to the Fishermans Car Park at Stratford and after unloading the kit, rode down the Greenway, the disused railway line that leads to Long Marston village south of Stratford.

The Masons Arms

Prior to the end of the Greenway there is a chance to turn off and approach the village of Long Marston from a different direction. The village has a shop and a pub, the Masons Arms. Originally built as a private house in 1685, it transferred to licensed premises in 1861. Looking at various internet sites, it has mixed reviews. It was tempting to go in and sample the fare but carried on through the village. 

House for sale

A short distance from the pub there was this house for sale. A lovely little 2 bedroom cottage. This place was the old Post Office and is a half timbered Grade II listed building. The estate agents blurb describes it as having many period features and 'is full of character'. Well they would wouldn't they. It did look nice in the sunshine. And how much you ask? Well, you will get £5 change if you hand over £400,000. Still interested?

The Ferry 

Left long Marston and returned to Stratford via the Greenway. Being a disused railway it is nice and flat and it was a good 5 mile ride back into town. Rode through the Recreation Ground past the River Avon and stopped to watch the little ferry plying its trade across the river. Well worth the 50 pence fare to save a long walk round, plus the experience of travelling on a chain propelled craft. No, I didn't go on it.

The Bandstand

Further along the river, opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, there is a traditional bandstand. It is used regularly on weekends during the summer and silver, and brass, bands provide excellent entertainment to the crowds that gather round.

A good 16 mile ride today, needed the suncream on today as well.

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