Thursday, 6 June 2013

6th June 2013 Radford Semele spin

A trip out today to Radford Semele, a small village to the east of Leamington. Another sunny day is promised so looking forward to this one.

23 Radford Road Leamington.

Following a comment about a previous picture I had put on Facebook, a subscriber from Nova Scotia, Kath Cure, asked if anyone could take a picture of her former home at 23 Radford Road Leamington. As I planned on going past there today, I volunteered. 23 is the one with the white van in the drive. These houses were across the road from the Warneford Hospital, the main hospital for the town. This has long since gone. Many of these houses were rented out to doctors and nurses who worked at the Warneford.

St Nicholas Church Radford Semele.

This medieval church in Radford was almost totally destroyed by fire about 5 years ago. It was believed to have been set fire deliberately. A lot of work has gone into the restoration and it is now open again for services. I met an elderly couple coming out of the church as I took this shot, and they were saying that they are disappointed with the modernisation that has taken place. They much preferred the more traditional style. They explained that it is open for viewing for the rest of this month, with coffee and biscuits thrown in, so this may well be on the agenda for another visit.

The White Lion

On the other side of the main road to the church is the White Lion pub. In February 2006 this place caught fire and the pub was ruined, causing over 2 million pounds of damage. Something fishy going on here methinks!  The White Lion has now been refurbished and opened for business in January 2011. Perhaps the church and the pub should ensure they have adequate insurance for the future!

Newbold Comyn Beacon

This has been done before but this is a better shot.  Built for the Queens silver jubilee, this carries on the tradition of having beacons across the land to warn of invaders or to light as a celebration. 

An interesting ride today, 15 miles in all, finishing in warm sunshine.

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