Tuesday, 4 June 2013

4th June 2013 Canley Caper

Met up today with some members of the ESCC (Emergency Services Cycling Club). We met at one of the founder member's, John, house in Canley where we started the day with a cup of tea sat out in the garden. Such was the excellent weather we were having. The plan was to go out through the university, Burton Green, Berkswell, Hampton in Arden, stop for tea at Knowle and back via Barston and Balsall Common. On with the show.


Through the grounds of Warwick University and heading for the Greenway. A good cycle track, spoilt by the fine gravel used as a top dressing. Hello people, it isn't only mountain bikes that use these tracks you know. There are a couple of cattle grids along this path which tend to jolt the bike about a bit. So much so, at this one, Andy's rear light fell off and I had to rescue all the bits of it from the bowels of the grid. No harm done in the end. Graham looking on, supervising the situation.

Time to pose!

Going through the University on the way to the Greenway and Balsall Common, we passed this sculpture. Could not resist stopping and having a pose! From left to right, Andy, Dave, Graham (hiding my bike, the star of the show) and John.

Packhorse Bridge

On the old road from Hampton in Arden to Kenilworth is a packhorse bridge crossing the River Blythe. Built in the 15th century it is a grade 2 listed monument. These bridges formed a very important part of trade routes through Britain until the advent of canals and railways. It is still in very good repair and it was a chance to stop and take stock of the lovely area this is built in.

Hampton in Arden

On into Hampton in Arden village.  One of the first things spotted was this stuffed cow in someone's gateway. Had to snap him.  Not sure what this was all about. Luckily, a passer by explained that there is a tradition in the village to decorate houses with puppets or mannequins to celebrate the May Bank Holiday. This was obviously the remnants of it. Must keep our eyes peeled then.


         A Roundhead                                                                                       Jimmy Hendrix


Were also spotted.

Carried on to Knowle for a tea stop at the garden centre there and back through Barston Ford, Balsall Common and finished at John's house at Canley where he forced a scone and a cup of tea on us. Unfortunately, Graham and Andy missed that bit as they rode home to their respective homes. Dave and I had taken the easier option of ferrying our bikes to Canley before the start. A well thought out  spin out, planned by John. An excellent 34.4 miles in summer sunshine.  

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