Monday, 3 June 2013

3rd June 2013 Whitnash Wander

Nothing exciting today I'm afraid. Just did an easy 12 1/2 mile to Whitnash and back to see my sister. Out with a gang tomorrow for a longish ride so do not want to tire myself out! I have no idea where we are going tomorrow so the blog for the 4th should be a lot more interesting.

Warwick Castle

Just the one picture today.  This route has been travelled so much, it is difficult to find a new, or unusual subject. This view of Warwick Castle is a firm favourite however.  Taken from the Banbury Road bridge, it is a favourite view point of both locals, professionals and tourists. This picture does not do it justice however, as part of the main subject is the bike! That does limit the viewpoint. Normally, shots are taken with the camera on top of the bridge parapet. If you ever come to Warwick, try it.

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