Sunday, 2 June 2013

2nd June 2013 Locks Loop

Just needed to do 11 miles to take me up to the weekly target. It was a really nice morning, so decided to  do one of my favourite routes, over the bridle paths to Hatton Locks Cafe and back through Warwick. This route has been fairly well documented in the past so took a different approach today. The theme is now and then. Pictures taken in the winter and some today from the same spot.

The Bridle Path

This photo was taken on the 22nd January, this year, after a fairly heavy fall of snow. This is on the bridle path that runs from Kenilworth Castle to Hatton. Very cold on this day, but, with plenty of layers for warmth, thoroughly enjoyed the spin out.

17 weeks later

Nice and sunny day today. The field has been cultivated and a decent crop of oilseed rape is coming up. This was taken from roughly the same spot as the January photo.

Hatton Locks looking south

This was also taken on the 22nd January. The spot is a couple of locks down from Hatton Cafe. The canal was well frozen over at this time of the winter.

17 weeks later

Plenty of foliage about and the Cow Parsley has gone rampant over the last couple of weeks. It started off very spindly but has picked up well. Taken just after a stop at Hatton Locks Cafe. It was fairly busy, Sunday morning I suppose. Not too busy to serve me with a cup of tea and a sausage roll thank goodness.

Just under 14 miles today which clocked up 103 for the week. 

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