Sunday, 9 June 2013

9th June 2013 Mousley End marathon

Started the day watching the Two Castles 'fun' run, held annually between Warwick and Kenilworth Castles. It goes past the end of my road so couldn't go out till that was over. Preplanned a route to cycle, taking in one of the National Trust houses at Baddesley Clinton.

Baddesley Clinton

Unfortunately, could not get the bike in a good position for a photo, this is the best shot I could get. Some of these places are a bit funny about wheeling bikes around their pristine gardens. The house itself is moated and dates from the 15th century. It has experienced one of the most dramatic events during the Tudor period. At this time in history, it was an offence to attend a Catholic mass and people were fined for not attending Church of England services. Catholic priests were trained overseas and smuggled into the country and hidden by sympathisers. The owners of Baddesley were the Ferrers who, in 1591, organised a secret conference of Catholics at the house.  The authorities raided the house but never found the priests who were hidden about the premises. 

Rising Lane 

Carrying from the house, went down Rising Lane towards Lapworth. Crossing the canal, it looked idyllic. Must try and get up this way on the mountain bike and explore a bit further.

The Navigation
Through Lapworth and on towards Warwick. Just outside Lapworth is The Navigation, a pub situated on the side of the canal. One of three pubs in the village, it has retained the character of a pub and not morphed into a restaurant.

Carried on through, Mousely End, Little Shrewley, Hatton and to home through Warwick. A nice ride of just over 26 miles.

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