Tuesday, 21 May 2013

21st May 2013 Meriden Medley

Out today with my friend Graham. We thought it worth retracing our route from last Sunday as we had got slightly lost coming back from the Meriden Memorial Service. We had intended going through the ford at Barston but missed the turning completely. Today should address that.

Barston Ford

Made it this time!  Did the reverse route to Meriden taking in, Haseley Knob, Chadwick End and on the road to Barston, we found the ford. A lovely little spot this, and this is a bridge over the River Blythe. The river does look as if it might be good for trout. We were hoping to spot a kingfisher, this seems an ideal place to see one, but no show unfortunately.

Meriden Tea Rooms

Through Barston village, Hampton in Arden and along the straight mile to Meriden. Must write to the council; the pot holes along the straight mile were atrocious. The man in charge of road works in this area does not ride a bike, obviously. In Meriden itself, stopped for elevenses at the tea rooms, just off the village green. A very helpful chap was serving who was able to answer several questions we had about the local geography. Tea and toast was the order of the day, very reasonable it was too.

Cyclists Memorial

Just around the corner from the cafe is the village green and the cyclists memorial. It looked a lot different today without the crowds and the brass band that was present on Sunday. A more appropriate time as well to take a picture of the memorial, and the wreaths that had been laid by the various cycling clubs.

Another good ride with Graham, 27 miles for me, more for Graham as we met at my house. Also, we both covered ground that we had not been on before, so that made the ride more enjoyable.

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