Monday, 20 May 2013

20th May 2013 Solihull Spin

Looking for something different today so decided to take the train to Solihull and then cycle back home through the lanes.

Leamington Railway Station

Rode over to Leamington and caught the train to Solihull. £5.20 for the ticket which isn't too bad but why the single fare is only 10 pence cheaper than a return fare baffles me.  Don't fret. The train now arriving at Platform 2 is not mine, that is heading for Manchester so I have time to get the shot.

Brueton Gardens Solihull

 Just outside the town centre is Brueton Gardens and the town clock. The gardens were given to the town by a Mr Brueton, as a memorial, following World War I.  The gardens were formally opened in July 1938 by Mrs Brueton. The local newspaper reported at the time that, 'The development was the best thing that has been done in Solihull for years.'

Mystery Building !

Leaving Solihull, on the Warwick Road, there is this building. The road itself is only used by local residents so not much through traffic goes by here. This looks an interesting building but there is nothing to indicate what it is, or was. Facebook users have conjectured that it might be a building for horses. A search on building web sites just state it is 'an outbuilding'. If any readers of this know what it is, please leave a comment.  I have to say, it is kept in very good condition, whatever it is.


Carrying on south through the village of Knowle. This little place name stands just off the centre of the village. From here, went through the little lanes back home.

A nice ride today. A fraction over 19 miles, although the GPS system on my phone shows 33! Although I had turned it off during the train journey it still recorded that distance from Leamington to Solihull. 

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