Thursday, 23 May 2013

23rd May 2013 Post Code Plod

Going to get one of the bikes post coded today. Should it be stolen or lost, it can then be traced to me.  This is being done, for free, at Hatton Locks Cafe so, an easy decision to go there then!

The field

Not a bad route out to the cafe at all. From home, there is easy access to the bridle path that runs from Kenilworth to Hatton. This field has been the subject of several shots including, in the snow, after ploughing, and now with the crops emerging. The ubiquitous oil see rape. Just after this shot was taken, I had to take shelter from hail and rain. Can you believe it, almost June and it is freezing! A very cold north wind today which was not good.

Hatton Village Hall

Rode out through Beausale and crossed the Birmingham Road at Hatton Village Hall. There are two bits to this building, the old part, which was once a school, date unknown, and the newer part, on the left, which was purpose built in 1924 and hosts most of the facilities and activities. You will be pleased to know the rain and hail had stopped by this point. Onwards and upwards!

Post Coding

Hatton Locks Cafe host a Police 'Surgery' once a week for the benefit of the local community. A very good initiative, good to see Plod out and about. This month, they were offering a free post code service for cyclists, well the bikes, not the people, so increasing the security for property and hopefully enable the bike to be returned in the event of a loss or theft. The two officers were very helpful and willingly attached the relevant stickers to my bike. I found watching them quite hard work so I had to have tea and cake in the cafe to restock my energy levels.

Another Lock!

Leaving the cafe to go south towards Warwick, captured this shot of a barge negotiating one of the 21 locks that make up this stretch of canal.  The sobering thought is that these folk are on holiday and the weather has not been kind to them at all.

Not a good trip out at all today, despite the added security I now have. The weather was horrible and what should have been a pleasant 20/25 miles was reduced to 13 miles so that I could go home and get warm. Roll on the summer!

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