Sunday, 7 April 2013

7th April 2013 Wedgenock Wander

On a mission today. There are some daffodils near the Woodloes that come out every year on a grassy bank. A lovely sight. Now it is warming up a bit, time to check them out.

Dead Moggie!

Went over the bridle paths from home and turned left onto Wedgenock Lane heading for the Woodloes. This old car has been stuck in a copse near to Prospect Farm for years now. So long in fact that the chickens have long gone. If you fancy a project (best of luck) knock on the door of Prospect Farm in Wedgenock Lane. I can see why it is called Prospect Farm by the way. Some excellent views over Warwick from the top of this hill.


 On the edge of Warwick is a factory/unit for Volvo. They often have their latest models outside on display.  This is the Globetrotter. Thinking about it, it might be cheaper to buy this than do the old Morris Minor up!  The daffodils are right near to this place. The absence of a picture might be a clue that they are not out yet. Never mind.

Cape of Good Hope

Using the canal for the latter part of this short trip, this barge was heading south and negotiating the lock at the Cape of Good Hope pub. Having come down from Hatton, 21 locks in all, only one more to go before a decent stretch of lock free canal. The next is at Offchurch.

A pleasant ride out this morning. 7.6 miles at a real easy pace. A possible long one tomorrow so best take it easy today.

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