Saturday, 6 April 2013

6th April 2013 Newbold Loop

Well, folks the weather is definitely picking up.  Still a cold wind but less severe and the sun is out. Hip hip hip hooray. Settled for one of my favourite routes today, from home, through Warwick and head back home from Newbold Comyn. Getting harder to find different subjects to photograph so must keep an eye open today, see what's about.

Woodcote Lane, Leek Wootton

Well, that didn't take long. As I left the drive that leads to my house, all of 200 yards, road closed.  In all fairness, these have been on for a month now but the contractors have just had to close the road completely. I had to be a bit cheeky and sneak past, otherwise it would have been a three mile trip to get to the end of the lane which is 300 yards away! The blokes were OK about it so will do the same going back.

A rare sight !!

Going through Leamington, Brunswick Street, look what I found.  I know the lad on the left so he was quite happy to help me expand the blog a bit. In these times, seeing a bobby actually patrolling the beat is rare. To see two is most unusual. Must buy a lottery ticket, my luck is in. Unless training, it is not usual to see two together, hope this will not cause them grief if the Sergeant sees it!  Thank you lads.

Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre

 Passed this place numerous times so it is about time it made it into the blog.  This replaced the old baths located in the Pump Rooms and also has a gym and other facilities. The 25meter pool is open to the public as are all the other facilities.

The race is on

Normally, when I do this route, I go through Victoria Park and do two circuits of the park. This adds a mile to my total. Today the park has been taken over by some cyclists. Outrageous.  It was the Kenilworth Wheelers, a local club, doing some sort of race. I was tempted to join in but I didn't want to show these club riders up.  No, my hands haven't fallen off with the cold, those are my gloves!

A good ride today, certainly a lot warmer. 13 miles, not 14.  A bonus though, is some different pictures on the blog.

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