Friday, 5 April 2013

5th April Canley Canter

After a couple of days off, good to get back in the saddle. Early start today, meeting up with Mick for a ride around  Warwick University.

Go Outdoors, Canley

Met Mick at Burton Green and headed for Curiositea, the tea shop on the campus. That was closed. Never mind, plan B, Mick knew of a cafe at the camping outlet near to Canley Railway Station. Off to Go Outdoors we went. They did have a cafe but it was too early. Nobody to run it. As we left there, we saw a young lady who appeared to be scurrying to get to work. We agreed; that was the one that should have been in the cafe.

Earlsdon main street

There were several cafes along the main high street in Earlsdon. Best to lock the bikes up securely before we go in.

Zafiri's Cafe

Not a bad choice for tea this. We had a very nice toasted tea cake and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I gave them this blog address and told them they would get a mention. If you are reading this, staff from Zafiri's, thank you. We needed that sustenance on this cold and blowy morning.

German Peace Garden

This is in the Memorial Park at Coventry and Mick suggested we visit here. I must confess to have ridden past here a few times and never spotted it.  It was in 1962, during the first City Flower show that the West German Horticultural Federation were invited to take part. They suggested a Peace Garden and this was built and opened in 1963. Unfortunately, after a number of years, it fell into disrepair but in 2011 it was restored to its former glory.  The raised beds and paved areas provide a little sanctuary in the corner of this great park.

A decent 22 mile ride today. Still battling against that cold east wind though. Thanks Mick for a tour of the University, and showing me places I never knew existed.

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