Monday, 1 April 2013

1st April 2013 Wedgenock and catch up

Just a short ride today, not much opportunity for photographs. So, in case you missed these, 2 or 3 from last year, taken during the summer. Don't you just feel warmer looking at them?

The Beacon

Situated on the top of a prominent hill on Newbold Comyn, the beacon is lit on special occasions, the last being the Queen's Jubilee.  I don't like this hill. In the past I have had to run up it three times when it has been part of a cross country course. I can recall, the first twice was not too bad!

Kenilworth Ford

You may have seen other photos of this taken later in the year when it was in flood. This is its normal state. The bridge is provided for cyclists and pedestrians when the water does get too deep.

Warwick Racecourse

This is the main stand on Warwick Racecourse. I pass this a lot on my way to Barford and Wellesbourne.

7.5 today. Nice and easy as I have a long run scheduled tomorrow with my mate Graham. No sign of the cold wind going away unfortunately.

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