Saturday, 30 March 2013

30th March 2013 Wellesbourne

Another cold day. Heading out to do a circuit of Wellesbourne.

Barford Telephone Box

There have been several visits to this telephone box. No longer in use, the local heritage society put on displays pertinent to the time of year. The current display is celebrating Easter and the various services and events the church is putting on.

Flying school

One the few schools to be found at Wellesbourne Airfield.  Taken just after tea and cake at the cafe!

Charlecote Deer

Leaving the Airfield, headed home, against the cold wind, and went through Hampton Lucy past Charlecote Park.  They have a herd of deer there, dating back to the middle ages allegedly, and they were right by the fence as I went by. I think my flourescent jacket must have disturbed them because they ran off when I approached to take a photo. You can just see them between the top two rails. It is recorded that Shakespeare was fined for poaching these deer when he was younger. Bet he didn't wear a yellow jacket, he would have stood no chance of catching one.

The water pump

Every village had one in Victorian times. Hampton Lucy was no exception. It wasn't until after the second world war that most of them had disappeared and were replaced by mains supply.

Fulbrook Lane

This runs between Hampton Lucy and Sherbourne. Much safer going down here on a bike than using the A429. Nothing down here of interest to photograph, but I was struck by the light with the sun shining on the trees with the dark clouds behind. Worth a picture.

A 25 miler today, the second half was not so good with a cold headwind.

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