Thursday, 28 March 2013

28th March Holyhead Horror

Traipsed around Coventry today. I have been 'challenged' to find a plaque on a wall that relates to the old Toll House in Coventry that was on the London to Holyhead Road. There is a Tollgate Inn on the Holyhead Road at Coventry so that was today's destination. Went out through Kenilworth, and the University, to the north west of Coventry where the pub is located.

Top of Abbey Hill

Just out of Kenilworth town is Abbey Fields. The white building ahead used to be the Abbey Hotel but has now been converted to flats. I seem to recall they had a disco in there sometimes, not that I would ever have gone to such a thing!

Abbey Fields

This is the entrance, off Bridge Street, to the main car park, and the avenue of trees leads up to St Nicholas Church.  That is the church where my kids were christened.

Allesley Park

A cold old day again. By the time I was going through the university I was getting cold, heading into the east wind. A nice hot chocolate would go down well at the student cafe there, that would warm my hands up. One small snag. I hadn't got my bike lock so couldn't go in! A university bike rack is not the best place to leave a decent road bike unattended. Oh well; the thought was nice.
Carried on towards the Tollgate Inn going through Allesley park.

The Tollgate

No plaque at the inn. I searched round it but no trace. I was later told that I was on the right track but that was not the right place. Grrrr. It may be a garage, so looks like another trip to Coventry is on the cards.

Some would say a wasted 20 mile round trip. I would say it was a cold, but enjoyable, trip out to pastures new; and the challenge still remains.

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