Tuesday, 5 March 2013

5th March 2013 Westwood Heath

What a lovely day for a bike road. Frosty this morning, but the afternoon was gorgeous. Didn't even need gloves today. First day of Spring?

St John's Kenilworth

One of the first sights you see when heading into Kenilworth from the South. The parish church of St John's. The plan today is head through Kenilworth, out towards the University and back past Stoneleigh. Far too nice to be in today, look at that sky.

Peeping Tom, Cromwell Lane

Right on the border with Coventry is the Peeping Tom. It is years since I have been in there but I noticed that the bill board outside boasted carveries for £3.99. Not bad, must try it out.

Sculpture at the University

No idea what this is all about. This can be seen from the Gibbet Hill Road and deserves to go on the blog, whatever it is!

Gibbet Hill

 So called, I suppose, because people used to get hung here somewhere. This is the main road into Coventry from Kenilworth and is a really exclusive part of the city. So exclusive, you cannot see any of the houses as you drive down this impressive road. This is looking towards the city.

A lovely ride today, 15.5 miles, no wind to speak of, warm and sunny. Brilliant.

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