Monday, 25 March 2013

25th March 2013 Warwick in the snow

First ride for a few days. I have been up to Edinburgh in Scotland and it has been a bike free few days. Good to get out today, although the weather is still very cold. Just kept fairly local today.

Goodrest Farm

This is not far from home, just off Rouncil Lane Kenilworth.  It is named Goodrest, as the ladies from Kenilworth Castle stayed here after pregnancy to have a 'good rest'. This was back in the Middle Ages. It is now a working farm and gives access to the bridle paths that lead over to Hatton and Beausale.

Dinner time

Going through the farm, these cattle, (see the baby - all together - aaaah) are having a munch on some hay. Certainly not fit for them to be in the open fields at the moment.

Bridle Path

Just a view of the bridle path that leads from Kenilworth Castle to Hatton. Bleak old day today.

Snow drift, Wedgenock Lane

The fierce easterly wind has been blowing hard for some days now and with the recent snow, drifting has occurred in the gaps in the hedges. An unusual sight in Britain at the end of March.

Good to be back in the saddle today, despite the cold and the wind. A little 6 miler to get the cobwebs out.

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