Tuesday, 19 March 2013

19th March 2013 Coventry circuit

Should have been on a family trip to Cheddar Gorge today but we had to cancel due to illness. That left the day free for a ride. Cold wind still out there, so layered up and headed to Coventry.

Castle Green Kenilworth

Left home and went north through Kenilworth towards Balsall Common. Passing Kenilworth Castle there is Castle Green opposite. This row of cottages date back to the middle ages, and were no doubt used by workers at the castle. There used to be another cottage at this end of the row but that was neglected back in the 70s and had to be demolished unfortunately.

Tile Hill Railway Station

Left Kenilworth and turned right into Red Lane. That is one long climb up to Burton Green my friend; the hardest bit of today's ride.  Into Coventry past Tile Hill and right onto Broad lane heading towards the City and Earlsdon. As this was late afternoon, kept out of the rush hour that would be pouring out of the city. Coping with the potholes was enough of a discipline in its own right.

Water feature Earlsdon

I can only surmise that this is Victorian street furniture.  It seems to have a drinking section about 3 feet up, and also low down on the floor, perhaps for horses and dogs. This is in Earlsdon Avenue South near to the Kenilworth Road. If anyone does know the history of this, I would be interested to know it.

The Scarecrow

Leaving Coventry, and picking up the cycle path at the end of the Greenway at Crackley, it takes you past the allotments in Lower Ladye's Hill.  For some weeks now, I have noticed this scarecrow standing guarding the vegetables. Not wanting to impose on the private allotments, I have left him to his privacy. Today, there was a couple leaving the patch with a wheelbarrow. Asking them if it would be OK to 'trespass' on the place to get a pic. it transpired they were the owners of the scarecrow! How lucky is that. This fine fellow won the annual competition last year despite being covered in birds! There must have been at least a dozen on him.

A good one today. Just over 18 miles around the south side of Coventry. I do wish that it would warm up though. Roll on the summer.


  1. Re: Water feature Earlsdon. I write a blog about cast iron drinking fountains and would like permission to use the photo of this drinking fountain. I will, of course, credit and link back to your site. You can view my blog at http://memorialdrinkingfountains.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for your interest. Of course, use what you want by all means. Would be interested to hear what you find out about it.

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