Sunday, 17 March 2013

17th March 2013 Warwick Marathon

Not been out for a couple of days. It is Warwick Half Marathon day today so not sure what to expect on the local roads.
My Front Door!

Well, I managed 100 yards before the impact of the race was felt! There was a drinks station right outside on the road that runs past my drive, and I reached it just as the bulk of the runners were going through. Chatted to some neighbours until it thinned out a bit and made my way down to the Anchor Pub on the main road.

The Anchor

Road closed here. The runners had thinned out considerably by this time and it was no hassle to ride against the tide. Not the best of days for those at the back, the weather was not kind for them.

Two Nuns

Look what I found! These were taking part in the half marathon and were raising money for charity. They were not last, there were two other 'runners' behind them. At 2 1/2 miles they were walking. Only  11 miles to go girls.  I did donate to their beach bucket collecting boxes, they had the change that is reserved for my tea and cake. Not a lot, but every bit helps.

15 plus miles today, through Warwick and back through Hatton and Beausale. The weather deteriorated over the time I was out and it ended up snowing and rather cold.

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