Thursday, 14 March 2013

14th March 2013 Stratford Canal

Glorious morning. Think I will take the bike for a ride.  Heading out to Stratford to navigate the Stratford Canal, from the Park and Ride at Bishopton, heading north towards Claverdon.

Quaint Bridge

Left the car, and cycled a short way up Bishopton Lane to get on the canal. The towpath here is very good, hard tarmac surface well finished off. A runner joined at the same time as me and he was about 40 yards ahead. He was going really well and I was struggling, with the first few locks to keep up with him. Saw this quaint little bridge and by the time I had taken the picture the runner was out of sight. Never saw him again.

The Wharf, Wilmcote.

What a pleasant place this was. Right at the waters edge, an excellent location. Picture postcard stuff this. I had to find the name of the place from Goggle maps.

Farm Bridge

Carrying on north from Wilmecote the towpath started to deteriorate. So much so, that by Pathlow I turned round, both because of the very wet mud and a lot of twigs and thorns about.
Another very quaint bridge giving access to a farm. Interesting that when these were built, they only had room for one barge to pass through at a time.

Crane shop

Heading back into Stratford, I was struck by the contrast of the yellow and orange cranes and the blue sky. Unfrotunately, this does not do it justice.  I found out later that the premises are ADG Equipment in Bloxham Road.

A good trip out today, about 9 miles. On the chilly side but the sun made up for that. Certainly will return to do this one when the weather makes it better conditions.

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  1. Hey KK,
    Do you use a stick to prop your bike up for some of these photos?
    Very brave of you so close to the waters edge, if that is the case?