Monday, 4 February 2013

4th February 2013 Shrewley Tunnel

The mission today is to go to Shrewley where the canal runs through the hillside. Not a bad day at all, a blustery old wind, but that should be behind on the second half.

Hatton Railway Station

Nor really a station, just a stop for some trains on the way to Birmingham. There is no ticket office, porters, rest rooms or attendants but if it rains, you can stand in the little hut. I presume you pay on the train when the guard comes round. From here, it was a very short ride to the canal.

Shrewley Tunnel

I think the clue might be in the picture!  Very muddy along here, my new bike was getting really dirty. The canal makers came across a big lump on the way to Birmingham and couldn't get round, or over, it so had to go through it. There is no towpath through the tunnel so they would have had to 'leg' it through here, lie on their backs and 'walk' on the roof of the tunnel. Its only 396 metres so no big deal.  Up to this point I had been cycling directly into the wind so it was a relief to turn round and get blown back.

Hatton Marina

Not so much a marina, more of a place to moor the boat for example over the winter. The bridge is for a public footpath that crosses the canal at this point.

Disaster !!

I had travelled about 9 miles on the towpath today with all the hazards that entails. I head south from Hatton (after a toasted cheese sandwich and a coffee at the Locks Cafe) and came off the towpath at Warwick. 100 yards into Montague Road and I had a puncture. Couldn't find the reason and exchanged the inner tube but the pump did not work. Not good, two miles to go and I had a doctors appointment in an hour. Had to ring my sister and she came out with a spare pump. Saved the day she did. It is her birthday day after tomorrow so I shall have to get her a card now. She is worth it bless her. 

Two punctures in less than a week. Perhaps not a good time to buy a lottery ticket. A blustery old day, fairly dry riding though apart from one bit at Hatton. An eventful 16 miles today.

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