Tuesday, 5 February 2013

5th January 2013 Bad day at Wellesbourne

Not a good day today. Went out with my mate Graham with the intention of doing about 30/35 miles. Failed on all counts really. It was a really cold wind that hit us the first part of the route and by the time we reached Wellesbourne I had had enough. It was a mistake trying this after a fairly tough ride yesterday, so cried off and headed straight for the Airfield Cafe and a welcome cup of tea and some fruit cake.

This is the only picture today folks. Locking the bikes up at the cafe. Can't be too careful these days.  On the route we took today, it was difficult to find anything that has not been photographed before. So as poor as it is, this is the best effort today. At least the tea and cake lived up to expectations.

It was good to get to the end of this today.  I had cold feet, cold hands, my neck, legs and posterior ached. Not good really. 23.4 miles which were not as enjoyable as they should be. I think a day off tomorrow will be in order. Come back on Thursday.

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