Sunday, 3 February 2013

3rd February 2013 Newbold Circuit

Sunday morning, hasn't quite gone to plan. I had booked in for a 25 mile ride from Barford to Kineton with a group that popped up in the interweb. Unfortunately, my right foot has been painful for a couple of days and I need to get down to the surgery. Does not cause a problem cycling, walking is the issue so best not to go on an adventure with some strangers! Stick to a ride around one of the regular routes.

Warwick Railway Station

A short distance off the Coventry Road, I pass this no end of times but never think to actually go up there. This is on the main Birmingham/London line and is very handy for commuters. One of my next targets is to catch the train to Knowle or Solihull and ride back. Might do it this week, see how the doctors visit goes.

Cafe in St Nicholas Park Warwick

Very popular with the tourists this place. Just off the main car park for St Nicholas Park in Warwick, this place does a good trade in the summer; if the rain keeps off that is. Very handy for the children's play area and amusements if you visit with bratlets.

Radcliffe Gardens Leamington

I hated this place when I was a lad. I had a paper round at the bottom of Leamington which included Brunswick Street. Some bright spark at the Council decided to increase the social housing in the town and built this place. This was about 1956/7. That was fine, but why stick it right in the middle of my paper round? When all the dignitaries had finished their opening ceremony, and the residents moved in, my paper round customers doubled in number overnight.  11 floors in all. OK, it had a lift, but when you are in a hurry to get to school, much quicker to run up and down. Probably why I am so incredibly athletic now!  After about a year, I asked for a pay rise from the 6s (30pence) I was getting, but that was refused. I went elsewhere.
I still shudder when I go past it!

Royal Pump Rooms

Sitting at the bottom of the Parade, the main thoroughfare in Leamington, the Pump Rooms are the most famous of the spa baths in the town. Opened in the early 19th century, people would travel from all over Europe to 'take the waters'. Later extended to include a swimming bath, the Grade II listed building was redeveloped in 1997/9 and now incorporates a library, information centre and assembly rooms. The swimming baths are now in Newbold Comyn.
The church in the background is the Parish Church.

The weather is definitely warmer now. Layers are being shed and wooly hats put back in the drawer. Nothing spectacular today, just a 14 plus mile jaunt around one of my favourite circuits.

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