Tuesday, 19 February 2013

19th February 2013 Kenilworth Dash

Just a short one today. Ride into Kenilworth to see my favourite person; the dentist.

Abbey Dental Practice

Wasn't in there long. A routine 9 month check and she gave me a clean bill of health and another bill for £17.50. A big sigh of relief now that is over. Now to enjoy the ride back home in glorious sunshine.

Kenilworth Cemetery

Took a ride home on an alternative route rather than back down the main road.  Going past Kenilworth Cemetery I noticed that it is also a War Graves Commision site. Never knew that. All of these pictures are posted on Facebook, but without captions, and friends on there are invited to guess where they were taken. Some are easy for the local folks, but it is interesting to see some of the debates that go on. 

A good spin today, very cold first thing but a lovely day with clear blue sky. That is another 4 miles towards this months target. Hang on, that was exceeded 6 days ago!

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