Saturday, 23 February 2013

23rd February 2013 Warwick Wander

The wind has dropped down a tad today so it shouldn't be too bad out there. Have not been out for 4 days so need a blow. Not going too far, just into Warwick town and back.

St Johns Museum

On the Leamington side of Warwick is St Johns Museum It has two main displays. The ground floor is dedicated to the Victorian era, concentrating on children's place in society. Many schools pay visits here, with a highlight being a classroom set out as it would have been in the 19th century. Upstairs is an exhibition of the Warwickshire Regiment and its place in English history. There is no entrance fee so half a day here is a bargain!

Warwick Market

Held every Saturday, there is many a bargain to be had here. Buyer beware though, you do get what you pay for. The fruit and vegetables are good value, most being locally grown.  The Warwick Museum can be seen on the far side.

Heron Sculpture

These two stainless steel herons stand on the water feature outside the Shire Hall, the seat of local government. There is one other, out of camera shot. These herons are normally 'active', bobbing in the water, but they haven't worked for some time.

Guy of Warwick

Heading back home now, getting a bit cold. The wind will be from the east, in my face, going back.  On the way, in Coventry Road Warwick, is a statue of Guy of Warwick.  Legend tells the story that Guy fell in love with a woman of much higher social standing. In order to prove his worth and become a knight, he has to travel and slay various monsters and dangerous animals. On his return he weds the lady but becomes remorseful and lives the remainder of his life as a hermit. This statue is him with a boar. It was erected about 1964.

Well, that was a short blow. Just over 7 miles but that was enough. A 25 miler was planned for yesterday but would not have managed that as it was much colder yesterday. Roll on the spring. I suppose we have to get through the March winds first!

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