Saturday, 5 January 2013

5th January 2013 Leamington

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Contemplating a long ride on Monday so a nice easy one today to Leamington and back,  and a day off tomorrow. Another beautiful morning, a balmy 50 degrees, so no ear muffs and long johns again.

Totem Pole

Found this totem pole yesterday whilst geo-cacheing in Warwick.  This is on a small footpath that runs from St Nicholas Car Park Warwick to the St John's Museum and is a little nature trail with basic information about insects, birds to spot etc. Tommy, my grandson, never did find the hidden 'treasure, that was supposed to be by a little footbridge up ahead.

Morrisons - nearly!

The new Morrison's superstore is taking shape on the site of the old Fords Foundry on the Old Warwick Road. Looks like there might still be a way to go though.

Prince's Drive Footbridge

This footbridge was built in the early 60s when Fords provided a car park for the employees on the opposite side of Prince's Drive to their factory.  The bridge was built to provide a safe way over the road. The bridge is coming down next week as part of the Morrison's development so best record it now bearing in mind what happened to the pigeon loft in Court Street!

The Weir

A view of the River Leam as it passes under Prince's Drive in the foreground and the railway bridge in the background. This is taken from a footpath that runs from Prince's Drive to the canal to the west. Spent many happy hours in this area with my 'gang' as a kid. A boy's paradise; railways, canals, rivers, fields and not a Xbox or Facebook in sight.

Nothing spectacular today on the cycling front. A lovely day, an easy ride totalling just over 9 miles.


  1. I am following your travels over there,from over here nice job our kid.

  2. Nice post and photos. Will try look at more as you post them.