Monday, 7 January 2013

7th January 2013 Balsall Common

Monday is a day when I team up with Graham, a retired colleague, and we aim to head out for a longer run specifically designed with a cafe or tea room somewhere in the middle. My turn to work out a route today so chose a circular one, taking in Balsall Common, a village a few miles north of where I live.

Sculpture revisited

Having checked out the cycle path to the University last week, and finding it suitable for road bikes, I introduced Graham to it. Could not resist the opportunity to retake a picture of the metal sculpture using my bike as a part of the display. Carried on from here to Warwick University then turned left into Tile Hill and on to Balsall Common. Quite a tough part of the route this with several quite tiring hills.

La Delicia

When planning this circuit, finding a suitable tea shop was possibly going to be a problem. A search of Google gave the La Delicia as an option, right in the middle of Balsall Common, and right in the middle of our trip. Not sure what was actually there but we were pleasantly surprised to find it was just up our street. A cup of tea and a cake went down very well, thank you very much.  The hilliest part of the morning was over, and it was mainly downhill from here, along quiet, rural lanes.

A good trip out today. 22.7 miles in reasonable weather along places neither of us had been before. Not many photos were taken, as this sort of jaunt is perhaps taken a little more seriously than when I am out alone.

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