Tuesday, 29 January 2013

29th January 2013 Warwick University

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Things did not quite go to plan today.  Had arranged to meet a friend near Burton Green and ride in to Warwick University for coffee. With heavy rain last night and the forecast for more today, it was prudent to change our meet to an earlier time and place, especially as part of our route was to be the Kenilworth Greenway which may well have been boggy and hard going.

Warwick University

Mick and I met at a small restaurant, aptly named 'Curiositea', on Warwick University Campus where a cup of tea was the order of the day. Embarrasingly  I had rushed out the house without my bicycle lock or money, and had to rely on Mick to fork out for the tea. Afterwards, during a tour of the Student Union and other facilities, I spotted a cash machine; typical. My turn next time Mick. With rain impending, we agreed it was best to head for home.

Troll Bridge

Using the new cycle path back to Kenilworth, came across this old bridge which goes under the Greenway, the disused railway line. This would have been built to accommodate the old footpath. I didn't venture down it in case there were any trolls hanging around. You never know!!

Bridge Street Kenilworth

Headed into Kenilworth via the cycle path which leads almost all the way from the University to not too far from the town centre. This is a view taken in Bridge Street looking up Abbey Hill towards town with Abbey Fields on the right.

Abbey Fields Kenilworth

This is Abbey Fields Kenilworth, a lovely park not far from the town centre.  Well worth a visit if you are passing through. This is from the top of the hill looking back towards Bridge Street. Quite a climb this one, made worse by a phone call half way up! Not sure whether stopping and starting on a hill is worse than actually having a rest for a short time. Discuss. 

Despite not going to plan, a good day today. It didn't rain in the end, and putting the world to rights over a cup of tea was very pleasant. First time I have visited the amenities part of the university and certainly worth going back.  
Just over 12 miles today, the first half done at a reasonable pace.

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  1. Good to meet up with you this morning Ken. After leaving you and travelling no more than 200 meters up Cryfield Lane I noticed the going suddenly got "heavy" Another puncture and a 40 minute
    walk home. The puncture in the same place as the previous two. Couldn't find anything in the tyre but have replaced it just in case. Look forward to meeting up again soon. Mick