Sunday, 27 January 2013

27th January 2013 Lower Quinton

The snow has all gone and the roads are fine for the road bike. Looking for a different ride today so taking advantage of the weather, Sue took me and the bike down to Lower Quinton and I rode home.

Lower Quinton

This was the start of today's ride. Friday Street, what a lovely name for a road, most unusual. Wonder what the story is behind that?  Lower Quinton is infamous for the pitchfork murder.  In February 1945, Charles Walton, a 74 year old hedge layer, was working on the slopes of nearby Meon Hill but failed to turn home. His daughter raised the alarm and he was later found with his throat cut and he was pinned by the neck to the ground with a pitchfork. The case has never been solved despite assistance from Scotland Yard. Some theories suggest witchcraft may have been involved which is why I went there in the daylight!

Long Marston

Travelling back towards Stratford, means going past Long Marston Airfield. This dilapidated old plane stands at the entrance. I don't think it will ever fly again. Who is going to be the first to tell me what sort it is? 

The Ferry Inn Alvecote.

Alvecote is a small village between Stratford and Wellesbourne. The Ferry Inn stands near the centre of the village. They do good food there, can recommend it.


This is one of the gates into Charlecote Park on the West side of the estate. It is not used by the public. There has been a herd of red deer on this estate since medieval times. In fact, Shakespeare was fined for poaching on this land.  There were quite a few resting nearby, (deer, not Shakespeares),  but I was not able to get a decent photo. On to home then via the Airfield cafe at Wellesbourne for tea and fruit cake.

That was a good spin out today, a fraction over 23 miles. Not too cold and not too hilly and with the wind from the SW, it made for an enjoyable ride.


  1. Hi Plane is aRoyal Navy P53

  2. Sorry Its a Navy P-57 sea prince

  3. Thanks a lot for that. That was out of the blue, 20 months later! Who are you and thanks for looking back at my blog.