Thursday, 24 January 2013

24th January 2013 Canal south

Out along the canal again today. This time, heading south from Warwick. Getting used to the new bike now, it is taking preference to the road bike, but that has been an easy choice with the state of the roads. 

Tesco's at Warwick

This is a favourite place for the wild birds to gather, not only in the winter either. A lot of passers by give the wildfowl scraps, which is particularly welcome at this time of year. This little stretch of water by the bridge seems to be the last to freeze as well. No bread from me today ducks.

View from the aguaduct

The Grand Union Canal crosses the main Birmingham to London railway line at this point. A canal going over a railway! That was a major attraction to us as kids. Our gang lived about a mile away from this spot and it was a magnet for us. This is a view looking towards Leamington and London. A bit precarious taking this shot as I had to stand right on the edge of the towpath, next to the water. Scary to say the least.

Kingfisher Pools

 This pool has been purpose built for fishing. It is in the corner of St Nicholas Park Warwick, and has proper stands and facilities for the clubs that use it. Not many dipping their hooks in the water today!

Warwick Sea Cadets hut

 This also is in the corner of St Nicholas park and adjoins the River Avon here.  It always baffles me that a town that is probably furthest away from the English coast as Warwick, should have a Sea Cadets branch. If Paul Kitchen reads this he will argue their corner. Then again, if it gives kids a hobby with a view to a career then it will have served its purpose.  Anything to get them away from a Playstation!

Another good ride, about 8 miles today. Had to give the bike a good wash when I got back, horrified how dirty it had got in three outings. Feel much better for having done that.

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  1. I was once told a story about a young Ken Lambert and his friends standing, hanging onto the parapet, on the wrong side of that bridge over the railway as the steam trains thundered by underneath.