Friday, 25 January 2013

25th January 2013 Stratford Greenway

This was supposed to be a rest day! Looked so nice outside and the snow was real crispy it seemed a shame not to go out. Have done the canal three times this week so took the bike on the back of the car to Stratford upon Avon and went on the Greenway there, a disused railway line.

The Fisherman

Parked in the Fisherman's Car Park on the Warwick Road and cycled into town along the River Avon. First thing I saw was a chap fishing.  "He must be mad",  said the pot calling the kettle black!  At least I would be moving and generating heat. I did ask him how he was getting on but he hadn't been there long so was waiting for his first 'bite'.

Prince Hal

In the corner of Bancroft Gardens is a statue of one of the better Shakesperean characters. Prince Hal, later to become Henry V, a great British king. He was successful, in 1415, at defeating thousands of French troops at the Battle of Agincourt with a bedraggled, tiny and very weary army. "We few, we precious few, we band of brothers". I would recommend watching the film starring Kenneth Branagh. It's brilliant.

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

This shot taken from the opposite bank of the River Avon.  A Mecca for fans of Shakespeare from all over the world, it has recently been completely refurbished.

The Greenway Carriage Cafe

When I arrived at this cafe, the owner had just arrived to open up. Not a problem as I could cycle to the end of the Greenway and have a drink on the way back. Not many folk in there, well just me actually, so the atmosphere was a bit flat. The lady had an electric fire going but that wasn't very efficient. Not much point in lingering with tea and cake, I just had a cup of tea before setting back to the Fisherman's Car Park

What  a cold ride that was this morning. Well below freezing with a brisk East wind. Did about 8 miles in all, mainly on very firm frozen snow. Certainly, no problems with grip. Oh yes, when I got back to the car park, the fisherman had gone. Wimp.  Never will know how many he didn't catch.

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