Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23rd January 2013 Hatton - again

Not much of a blog today. The snow is still hanging around and it was worth getting out amongst it.  Did the same route as yesterday but this ride was a lot tougher. Yesterday was well below freezing and the snow was very firm to ride on. Today was a lot different; soft snow made the ride slippery and hard work.  All the more reason to stop at the cafe.

Hatton Bottom Lock

On the way back to Warwick, after the stop for refreshments (tea and apple pie with cream), tried to capture the watery, winter sun over one of the locks. Didn't work.  

Cape of Good Hope

A bit further on is the canalside pub, the Cape of Good Hope. Can recommend the food here, especially Sunday lunch. Good value and plenty of it. This has been on the blog before, but not in the snow.

Woodloes footbridge

Making up the pictures really. I won't put any title on the Facebook picture, see if anyone can guess where this is. Just for you, it is a footbridge that runs from Locks Lane Warwick, through to the Woodloes Estate.

A good workout today. 11 miles, about 8 of them were fairly tough. Ask my legs, they will confirm it.  Not sure what the forecast is for the next couple of days, that may dictate where  the new bike can go!

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