Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22nd January 2013 New Bike to Hatton

Done it. Bought a new bike. Took the old one to the dealer and got a quote for the repairs that are needed. Compared to the price of a new bike, no contest. It made sense to get a new one. Out with the Dawes Oblivion, in with the Specialized Hardrock.  Let's see what it performs like in the snow.
The new Bike

Should have done this months ago! What a difference. Efficient brakes, gears that change easily, much lighter and, a comfortable saddle. This photo taken on the bridle path that runs from Kenilworth to Hatton. Must be heading to the cafe there you say. Spot on.

The Dragonfly

At Hatton Locks cafe, got talking to a fellow rider who was doing the same route as me but in reverse. We were able to compare notes over a coffee and he told me that the towpath to Warwick was perfectly rideable. That was good news. Leaving the cafe, there is this sculpture of a dragonfly which seemed bizarre in the middle of an icy pond.

Hatton Locks

This is taken in the middle of the 21 flight of locks looking towards Warwick. 

Hatton Bottom Lock Cottage

 This is the last of the flight of locks and the lock keepers cottage looks a picture in the snow.  No longer used as such, it is privately owned now.  The couple were feeding the ducks with bread but I did not ask them for any, too near my lunch time.

A cracking ride today, just over 11 miles.  It was a joy to be out. It was sensible to put plenty of layers on though. It was a few degrees below freezing which helped with the traction and kept the bike clean! Thanks to Mike Vaughan Cycle shop staff for their help in helping me sort out a new bike.


  1. Looks the part KK - whats it like for wheelies?

    1. Excellent. Best to use stabilisers if you are going up a steep hill!