Monday, 3 December 2012

3rd December 2012

A good ride today. Just about to start out this morning and it started raining! It stopped after a bit, the forecast was good, so headed south from home with the intention of going to Walton Hall near Stratford.  A very pleasant day as it turned out, nice and sunny although there was a chill wind. Not a problem with sufficient layers of clothing on.

The first stop was Barford. This picture is of the 'Millennium tree' placed near the centre of the village by the Heritage Society. Lots of useful information on there about the village and the surrounding area. It's in Church Street near the village shop.

Carried on then, through Charlecote and Wellesbourne to Walton Hall a 19th century country mansion. Once owned by Danny La Rue, a famous entertainer, it is now a hotel with a nearby stable block let as time shares. Set in extensive grounds with a lake, the hall was completed in 1862.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of the little church in the grounds of Walton Hall. Not sure if it used on a regular basis but I would imagine couples would see this as an ideal place and setting to get married.

Returning home through Wellesbourne one just had to stop at the airfield cafe. It would be criminal not to! A cup of tea and a stodgy piece of bread and butter pudding, the sort that sticks to your ribs, went down very well, and gave me the energy to get home. Near to the cafe is a Vulcan bomber from the 60s, no longer airworthy, but is there for display.

Returned home via Barford and went past Holloway Farm. It is here that Round Oak School from Warwick have an ongoing project where the pupils can get hands on experience at all things horticultural.

The last 7 miles were tougher than I thought they would be. The wind was fairly cold and was blowing from the NW which at times made progress a bit slower than I would have liked. Still, overall a good ride, just over 30 miles, in some lovely countryside.

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