Tuesday, 4 December 2012

4th December 2012

Looking out the window this morning looks like another good day for a ride. A nice easy one today, no eyeballs out stuff, just bimble along enjoying the sunshine. A few layers are needed though it is not that warm out. Decided to do one of my favourite routes today, just over 13 miles. A very nice circuit taking in Warwick, along the Myton Road to Newbold Comyn and back through Leamington's Victoria Park.

The first place to visit today is Warwick Castle. This entrance is not used much at all but provides a nice backdrop for a picture. Only used by pedestrians to get to the main ticket office.

Once through the entrance there is a very pleasant, shady walk to the castle itself. This is as far as you can go though. There is a route to the main entrance just off this picture.

Leaving the castle carried on towards the Myton Road and stopped to take this picture from the river bridge. It has been done before but the light was much better today. Still not perfect, had to tinker with this one a bit.

Into Leamington and over the River Leam to get to Newbold Comyn. This same viewpoint  was used a few days ago but the floods have all gone now giving a very different picture.

A good ride today, just over 13 miles.

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