Thursday, 13 December 2012

13th December 2012

Another cold day. -5 outside when I left for my ride, with the breeze as well, its going to be a bit parky today to say the least. Plenty of layers on, thermal long johns and off we go.  Get the old bike out and head down to the canal which is about two miles from where I live. The prospects of some decent photos is good with the frosty hedges staying throughout the day.
Grand Union Canal
One of the main arteries for trade during the industrial revolution many people still use them today. During holiday periods barges are very evident and a lot of cyclists and pedestrians use the towpath to travel.  
The canal was frozen over this morning but two swans had found a small stretch of water to feed on. A flock of seagulls had taken off when I stopped, they had been walking about on the ice. To cold for me to stay and watch them land and fall through.

Cape of Good Hope
A pub to be recommended. Good food and it retains a proper pub atmosphere, especially in the bar.  We go here for Sunday lunch sometimes and have not been disappointed yet. 

One for David
Right opposite the pub is a small industrial estate. These premises used to be Baynflax Ltd, a small engineering firm making food preparation equipment and my lad, David, served an apprenticeship here as a sheet metal worker. He has subsequently moved on and now runs a Post Office in Rotorua in New Zealand. In the time that he left I don't think anything has changed apart from the firm who now use the place:- Growell Ltd. They make plant lighting and hydroponics so if you want any help growing wacky baccy this is the place to go!! That is a joke.

Kate's Boats

A thriving business alongside the canal is Kate's Boats. They sell fuel, do repairs and hire boats out so if you fancy a trip in the summer they are just off the Coventry Road in Warwick. This is looking from the Coventry Road Bridge towards Leamington.

Tesco's Warwick
This is under the Emscote Road bridge. The ducks had found the little bit of water not frozen and kindly positioned themselves for a picture. I should have thought and taken some bread with me on this trip. Mind you, I was getting colder by the minute and may have eaten it myself! 

Turn round point!
Enough is enough. Although quite warm in myself, my hands, despite two pairs of gloves, were freezing. Time to go home. This bridge is an aqueduct over the River Avon. In my early teens this was at the limit for our gang to travel from Leamington. Any further and we may have met up with the 'Warwick lot'. The canal was a huge part of our playground in our youth and despite us all falling in at one time or another (I went in through the ice once. My Mum was very sympathetic at the time. I think she was genuinely sorry that she had to box my ears!). Happy days.

Glad to get home today. Hands were quite painful after nearly 8 miles. A lovely trip mind. The disappointment about it all was, as I got home the cloud cover broke and the sun came out making everything really picturesque. Now, where is the nearest big thick wooly glove shop?

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