Thursday, 29 November 2012

29th November 2012

Haven't been out for a couple of days so raring to go today. A bright frosty morning with a possibility of icy roads made it easy to make the decision to stay in the countryside. Went out with frost on the grass still but, as an old friend said to me once,"No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." How true. Long johns, double wooly gloves, plenty of layers and a bobble hat kept the cold at bay. From home went along Rouncil Lane then cut over the fields towards Hatton.

First photo shows what a glorious morning it was. The audience agreed wholeheartedly. This track leads from Wedgenock Lane and comes out in Kites Nest Lane.

Out past the Waterman Pub and into Black Lane near to Hatton Country World, there is access to the Grand Union Canal. Heading towards Warwick this is Hatton Top Lock, the first lock of 21 encountered  going down the hill.

Just past Hatton Top Lock is a cafe. I don't normally stop here, 6 miles out from home, but the thought of a warm drink enticed me in. There was a warm fug in the place, it was almost full, and I could not resist a hot chocolate. A very pleasant 10 minutes spent in there. Back out into the cold air it was colder than I thought it was! 

A little further down the towpath there is a sculpture in a small pond. Not that clear from the picture but it is a stainless steel dragonfly. Good job they don't grow this big!

Back home via the canal, and the Woodloes, a very pleasant ride out today. Just under 12 miles and it shows what there is to see less than 5 miles from your home if you want to go out and find it.

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