Monday, 26 November 2012

26th November 2012

Better day weatherwise today. Took a trip to Weston Super Mare to take Tommy and Cliona back home and got back with enough time for a ride out. Very wet everywhere so decided to search out some more floods.

First stop was the Saxon Mill near Warwick. The water was very high here and the footpath along the side of the restaurant was impassable. Could not get a better shot than this.

Next stop was St Nicholas Park in Warwick. The Avon at this point was 4 or 5 feet above normal.

This is a footbridge over the River Leam that gives access to Newbold Comyn from the Radford Road.  My route from here was onto the footpath see in the distance. Clearly, there was no way I would be able to get on the Comyn so had to turn back.

The Mill Bridge at Leamington over the River Leam. There is a weir at this point and this was thundering away with the amount of water going over it.

A good 12 miles today with some interesting views. I also managed to get ahead of the hordes of kids that pour out  of the schools on the Myton Road at Leamington. Result! On the down side, I was out later than normal and had to use my lights as it was getting dark by the time I got home. Roll on the summer! 


  1. I'm loving the posts, is this going to be a daily blog?? I look forward to reading!

  2. Perhaps not daily Mark. Mainly when I go out on the bike.