Friday, 15 June 2018

Out training with four Old Gits. 40

Strange week this week.  This was supposed to be a training ride for the Great Weston Ride in four weeks time but myself and 'Big Al' did not do the Burrington Combe element of today's ride. After seeing a specialist doctor on Wednesday re a respiratory/heart problem, he advised me not to tackle any big hills as the oxygen level in my blood was dropping down below acceptable levels when exercising.  He did add 'for the time being' so hopefully there may well be a way back from this. Al and I caught up with the others in Axbridge after using the Strawberry Line instead of going mountaineering!

Shute Shelve Tunnel

This is Al, heading south on the Strawberry Line having come out of the tunnel.  Not a bad day at all today, warm enough to sit out at the Mother Hen Cafe in Wrington and waiting for the others at Axbridge.  It was a bit windy going back to Weston but not too bad. Found the ride quite easy today, more so because after having some necessary work done on my bike, the gearing has been changed to lot lower ratios which makes any inclines much easier to negotiate.  With tea £2 a cup at Axbridge we didn't stop but had a £1.20 cup at Diamond Farm in Brean.  Thanks for that Al, appreciated.

A fairly easy 40 miles today, that should please the quack!

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