Sunday, 17 June 2018

Easy one to Burnham 28

A bit of a grey, nothing day, so not much inspiration to go out except to get a few miles on the clock towards the weekly total.  Using today to check out the new gearing fitted to the bike and see whether or not it makes the hills and climbs any easy.  Not that there is that many on this pretty routine way of getting to Burnham.  Rode south into the wind and was pushed back to Weston after a cuppa at the Bay View Cafe on the front at Burnham.  Not sure whether it was me or the bike, but it did seem a lot easier out there.  Did not struggle at all even on the two little sharp climbs that lead in and out of Uphill.  Brean was fairly busy with a lot of holiday makers, mainly from the Pontins complex, milling about the main road, all looking for bargains on the Sunday roasts being offered.

Clocked up 28 miles in the end, that makes 101 for the week.  Surprisingly, averaged 12 mph now for me, that is pretty good, more so as I wasn't really trying!  That'll do.

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