Wednesday, 23 May 2018

To Woolavington and back. 40

Another good day for the weather.  It has now reached sun cream on proportions which is the ultimate really.  Out on the Levels checking out part of a route that should form the basis of Friday's outing with the Old Gits.

New Flag

This is a new addition to the Nature Reserve.  April through to November, there are cattle grazing on the site and there are signs warning dog owners to keep their pets on a lead.  This flag is obviously a reminder to those owners to comply.

Puncture number 1

3.5 miles from home the rear tyre went down fairly quickly.   Didn't take too much to work out what the problem was, a short time earlier some workers were trimming the hedges in Uphill Nature Reserve and there was no room for manoeuvre, just had to ride through the rubbish they were clearing up.  No big deal really, put a previousy repaired tube in, use the compressed air to blow it up and Robert is your Dad's brother.  

Had a good ride through the Levels, via Highbridge to Woolavington where I met an old chap sporting claret and blue so spent ten minutes with him discussing the Villa and their chances in the fast approaching play off final and hopefully in the premiership next year.  Heading back towards Mark, stopped on a river bridge and watched a flycatcher doing what they do best, catching flies.  They must have superb eyesight to do what they do. So agile with it as well.
In Mark had another deflation, luckily outside the village stores so coffee and a Mars bar were readily available.  Looks like it was false economy to use a previously repaired tube as the old patch was peeling off.  All for the sake of £2/3.  Luckily there was sufficient gas  left in the previously used canister to top up the air after using the hand pump.  Made it home OK and recorded just over 40 miles today.

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