Tuesday, 1 May 2018

16 Old Gits go to Burnham on Sea 25

First Tuesday in the month is Old Gits to Burnham on Sea day.  A popular route this, once a month a change of scenery and a much flatter route than Banwell or Kewstoke.  That might explain the popularity of it.  Not a bad day today at all, sun was out and didn't need gloves for once.

Away from the Beach Huts

Met up at 8.45 at the beach huts and set off towards Uphill and the nature reserve.  The first part is along a main road, the A370 so we do try to string the riders out a bit so as not to cause a hold up.

Burnham on Sea

About 8 miles south of Weston on the coast, Burnham is a popular seaside resort.  The Reeds Hotel is one of the Weatherspoon chain and gives a good deal on drinks and snacks (free refills on drinks).  The bacon buttie I ordered was very good and big enough to cut a third off and share with a mate.  This is the gang getting ready to leave Reeds.

Red Road Berrow

Normally stop along here so that some of the Old Gits can stock up on eggs from Westcroft Farm.  This is the Old Gits moving on from there heading back to Weston.

A good day today.  One slight mishap when someone collided with a gate at the sluice gate on the new cycle track.  No damage done fortunately.  Covered 25 miles today.

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