Monday, 22 January 2018

Over the hills to Cheddar 27

At last, a reasonably warm and dry day.  After a continual downpour yesterday, time to hit the road. Cleaned up the road bike ready for its annual service so today and tomorrow (Old Gits Day), will use the mountain bike.  That'll be strange, haven't used it since the end of July last year!  Off to Cheddar today and tackle some hills on the way.  Bleadon, Webbington and Cheddar and back through Winscombe should be challenging enough on the heavier bike.

Topiary gone mad!

Passed this house in Cross on the road between Loxton and Axbridge (Franke Howard, the comedian used to live nearby to this house) and stopped to get a photo of these dodgy looking yew trees.  Can only admire the time and effort that has gone into creating these.

Tucker's Fish Salon

Cheddar was virtually closed today.  There was not too many shops open but thankfully, this chip shop was, so managed to get a cup of tea.  No suitable sundries unfortunately and to be honest, onion rings were a poor substitute for a toasted tea cake.  Stopped at The Tuckery last week with Graham, this one was Tucker's.  Weird. Made tracks back to Weston via Winscombe Hill, elevation 303', and Banwell.  On the heavier bike, it was quite hard going into the wind on the ride back.

A good work out today, covered 27 miles.  Must do stuff on the mountain bike more often, certainly a good workout today.

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