Saturday, 7 October 2017

Freshwater Bay and Fresh Winds! 17+

Another day on the Isle of Wight.  The forecasted rain did not materialise but the wind did, a strong one at that.  Started off well heading toward the hub of the island, Newport, but quickly realised that at some stage it would mean returning to Yarmouth against a 25+ mph wind.  Turned off the planned route and went south through Calbourne to Freshwater Bay.  Did not achieve the mileage necessary to reach 100 miles for the week but having to pedal downhill to make any progress at times, confirmed it was a good decision.

A loose cannon

On the main road between Calbourne and Freshwater is the Calbourne Water Mill, claiming to be one of the original attractions on the island, the mill being mentioned in the Doomsday Book.  Outside the attraction, next to the road, is this enormous cannon.  Like many places, objects are placed for all to see but without any information as to what they actually are, or were.  I can only imagine it may have been related to the Napoleonic War as the south coast was particularly vulnerable to attack.  This is quite a way inland to be effective though.

A blue cow

A bit further along the road was Tapnell Farm and this blue cow advertising their wares.  Original to say the least.

Freshwater Bay looking east

Freshwater Bay, on the south coast of the island, was a haven, in the 18th/19th century, for poets, writers and artists.  Lord Tennyson started it when he moved here and brought Dickens, Keats and a host of others along with him.  Later on, George Bernard Shaw, Virginia Wolff also came to have a look.  Not hard to see the attraction, a very picturesque part of the world.

And looking west 

From the same spot.  Would have liked a cup of tea about now but couldn't find anywhere really suitable.

"I really think I oughta
Call in to see Freshwater
Alas alack Oh Woe is me
I couldn't find a cup of tea"

My goodness it's catching!

A very windy ride at times, hard work at times.  17.5 miles covered, need 3.5 more to reach the target 100.

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