Monday, 21 August 2017

Walkies - Three in one!

Have been a bit lax in putting these walks on unfortunately.. Three times I've been out and thought, "Will do this one later on."  Which never happens of course.

To the shops

Had a walk down the town to do some bits and pieces, including booking an eyesight test.  Took a slight deviation to the normal promenade joutney and walked through Clarence Park and into town along one of the side roads.  Doing it that way, it minimised the blustery wind off the front.  The first couple of photos shows some of the amenities in the park, a modest little 'Victorian Cafe' and a fish pond, well stocked with goldfish.  

A busker

Its amazing what you can do with a few pots and pans and some plastic boxes.  Stood for some time watching this bloke.  He should be in a band really.  As a bit of an amateur drummer myself, appreciated what the bloke was doing.  Unfortunately, my pockets were empty otherwise I would have put something in his collecting tray.  Honest!

Another letter to the council

The following day, after dropping a couple of grandkids at the local swimming baths, Sue and I went a walk along some of the shared pathways that run through Weston.  One of them heads out towards Locking near where the 'Biggest helicopter museum in the world' is situated.  The photo shows the problem with 'shared paths'; they are not that easy to share with other users on account of the overgrowth that has not been trimmed back by the council.  Myself and another Old Git have reported this some weeks ago so guess where this photo has been sent off to.


Or a large piece of farm machinery stored out of the way for a few weeks.  This has suddenly appeared on the newly adopted cycle way between Weston and Brean.  Can only guess that it is part of an old grain silo or similar.  Certainly a bit of a blot on the landscape.  Uphill church and beacon on the right in the distance on top of the hill.

An average of a couple of miles per walk over these last three jaunts.

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